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Lead Scoring is module for SugarCRM that makes sales and marketing teams more efficient by focusing on the most promising leads first. It will help you align your marketing activities, effectiveness of their campaigns and sales activities that should follow. Lead Scoring solution will connect the dots between two most important departments in every company Sales and Marketing.

When we talk about business processes in most companies today, we all can agree that no matter how good the products or service you offer are, without good sales and marketing you pretty much don’t have anything. It is so important for these two departments to work together and stay aligned all the time because only then you can expect right and qualified leads to be handed over to sales department from marketing. For targeting most prospective leads you need to have transparent way of looking at lead from both sides.



A lead scoring model quantifies for marketers what types of leads or lead characteristics matter the most. This helps marketing more effectively target its inbound and outbound programs and deliver more high-quality leads to sales.



Lead scoring focuses sales attention on leads that the organization deems most valuable, ensuring that leads that are unqualified or have low perceived value are not sent to sales for engagement. Through this prioritization process, sales receives higher-quality leads, which increases conversion rates – you can be assured that your sales team is working on most promising leads all the time.


Eontek made Lead Scoring so you can custom weight your leads based on what is important to your business.

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