Efficient sales means focusing on the most promising opportunities first!

Opportunity Scoring is module for SugarCRM that makes sales more efficient by focusing on the most promising opportunities first and helps you to align sales and marketing.This helps with overall business growth plans and helps your sales people achieve their set quotas.

Sales department is one of the most important for every company. All problems that can happen in sales process always affect business and his productivity. That’s way is very important to set write plan for sales process and take right actions. If you lose time tracking and converting the wrong leads perhaps in the end you will not have time for the right ones.

Eontek made Opportunity Scoring to help to your sales people to properly use the time and energy engaging around valuable opportunities.

Opportunity Scoring helps you to release which are the most promising opportunities that you have and help your sales people achieve their quota .

By looking at opportunity scoring numbers they can better plan their sales actions.

Now you have better understanding of your sales pipeline and run predictions based on opportunity scores.You don’t waste anymore your time or many.

Identify opportunities that you are likely to close and win by adding scoring logic to match your business and industry.

  • Focus on most promising opportunities first
  • By looking your opportunity scoring numbers plan better your sales actions
  • Closer relationship between sales and marketing

If you think that your sales people need help contact us to get Opportunity Scoring https://eontek.co/sugar-opportunity-scoring and don’t forget to ask for 10% of discount  like faithful companion of our Blog posts.

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