We are force that gives power to your SugarCRM!

Modules that are made to make your SugarCRM work remarkably !


Project manager

Managing project directly from Sugar. Always stay organised and finish your task on time.

  • Finish all you projects on time
  • Ensure all your problems and resolve them as quickly as possible
  • Better performance and flexibility of your team

Email Tracker

Know if and when your emails are being opened and read directly inside Sugar without using any 3rd party solution.

  • Stop using different programs – work with your emails from Sugar
  • Find if any URL link in your Email has been clicked
  • Quick insight into when your email has been read and how many times

Sweet checklist

Create a standard order of to-do items that your employees will check of when they complete them. See when they were completed and what is left.

  • Save time by knowing steps to follow
  • By looking your opportunity scoring numbers plan better your sales actions
  • Closer relationship between sales and marketing

Opportunity scoring

Identify opportunities that you are likely to close and win by adding scoring logic to match your business and industry.

  • Focus on most promising opportunities first
  • Automate repetitive processes and avoid the mistakes
  • It can be integrated with any Sugar module

Lead scoring

Prioritize your leads so that you can sell to the right people at the right time. Custom weight your leads based on what is important to your business.

  • Increased sales efficiency and effectiveness
  • Closer relationship between sales and marketing
  • FIlter leads by prospect

Document creator

We all need to generate documents based on our CRM data. With our Document Creator Sugar module you will be able to create templates directly inside your CRM and with a click of a button generate documents in various formats

  • Saving time with generating templates from existing SugarCRM data
  • The most used types of documents are supported (pdf, word, email,etc. )
  • Multi formats- from one template generate any of documents supported


Keep clean your SugarCRM database without duplicates.

  • Easy deactivation and activation of routines
  • Easy import of data without duplicates
  • Easy data migration to SugarCRM from other sources

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