Software development service – you say and we build.

Eontek software development service is focused on providing maximum value for any investment into new software.

Our team of software engineers and software architects will listen to your needs and provide guided steps that will outline necessary steps to be taken so end goal can be achieved.

During that process you will be guided and educated on our software development procedure and process so we can set expectations on both sides accordingly.

Software development process overview


This is the first step where you initiate the request for a desired software solution. Our team will review your initial requirements, propose terms of cooperation and schedule next steps.

Gathering Requirements

The team holds discussion with various stakeholders from problem domain and tries to bring out as much information as possible around your requirements. The requirements are contemplated and segregated into user requirements, system requirements and functional requirements.


Our goal for the design phase is to develop a specification for a system that will meet your business needs and take into account time, resources, and cost. We make sure that the design is carefully created, as a flaw in design can lead to a flaw in coding, which in turn can lead to a flaw in the system.


This step is also known as programming phase. The implementation of software design starts in terms of writing program code in the suitable programming language and developing error-free executable programs efficiently.


An estimate says that 50% of whole software development process should be tested. Errors may ruin the software from critical level to its own removal. Early discovery of errors and their remedy is the key to reliable software.


Software may need to be integrated with the libraries, databases and other solutions. Every modern software needs to be able to speak to other software solutions out there and what you might have currently in use.


Our focus here will be on getting the solution in hands of end users. At times, software needs post-installation configurations at user end. Software is tested for portability and adaptability and integration related issues are solved during implementation.

Operation and Maintenance

This phase confirms the software operation in terms of more efficiency and less errors. The software is maintained timely by updating the code according to the changes taking place in user end environment or technology.

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