Shared Email Manager

Put process in place when dealing with group inbound emails

Shared Email Manager

These days we all have to deal with office@, support@, sales@, info@ etc. We put these on our website, send them in emails, tell our customers that’s how you reach us. Do¬†you really have a good way to manage all these?!

Shared Email Manager is SugarCRM module that has a goal to solve above problem by putting process in place on how these group mailboxes are being managed.

Add mailboxes, define steps, assign users and you are set to go.

Multiple Inbound Email accounts

Add and manage multiple Inbound Email accounts. Each managed account can have it’s settings and permission levels.

Create records from Email

Create multiple Sugar records from one email so you can do additional processing on your side before you can consider email as Processed and Done.

Respond from multiple email addresses

Define multiple outbound (outgoing) email settings that your users can use when responding to Emails. Everyone who has access to configured mailbox can now respond from those office@, support@, sales@, info@ etc. addresses.

Putting process in place helps you stay productive

Email clients are great but they don’t really work well when you have multiple people accessing same email account. That’s why with Shared Email Manager for SugarCRM you can put process in place, get your team on the same page and not miss a thing.

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