Generate documents based on your CRM data

Create templates directly inside your CRM and with a click of a button generate documents in various formats.


Stop repeating yourself

Document Creator is a Sugar Module with a template creation engine that can pull data from any combination of relationships and export them into a variety of formats. Stop repeating yourself and doing copy-paste into documents all the time. Build template once and just keep generating!

Create powerful templates

  • PDFs
  • Word Docs
  • E-mails

From any Sugar stock or custom module create template powered documents and include data from any relationship. Create and embed reusable templates within other templates.



Save time on document creation

saving time with generating documents

Saving time with generating documents based on Sugar data


The most used types of documents are supported (PDF, Word, Email template,etc. )

generate different types of files

Multi formats – one template can be used to generate different types of files

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