Detect and eliminate duplicate data in your SugarCRM

Focus on growing your business because bad data is no longer your problem

Explanation of the service

DeDupit is SugarCRM module that can be configured to find duplicate data in your SugarCRM and helps you to eliminate them manually or automatically. It supports multiple number of duplicate detection processes that you can configure. Pick and chose which one will auto-merge found duplicate records.

Benefits of the service

Detect duplicates as your data changes

Duplicate detection process will lookup and find duplicate data as your SugarCRM records get created or modified. You don’t have to lose time by searching for duplicates, with DeDupit dashlet you always have the latest information about detected duplicates.


Eliminate detected duplicates on the fly

With DeDupit solution you can resolve your duplicates on time. You can merge one or more records at the same time and all merged records will also merge their related data to primary record that you have chosen.

Auto-merge detected duplicates

DeDupit solution offers you the option to configure elimination of duplicates by itself with an auto-merge option. You can save time and money by having you data cleanup by itself as you work with SugarCRM.



Why data quality matters

Data quality in CRM is a big concern for every organization and for good reason. Bad data or duplicate data can happen to anyone and usually does at some point in the span of a business’ life. It can cause issues with accounting and create sales conflicts when leads may be routed incorrectly. It may also lead to a lack of confidence or even mistrust from customers who may think of it as your normal practice. But when you are unintentionally making decisions based on bad or duplicate data, it will inevitably end in poor results.

The difference comes in knowing how to spot and correct it so that a particular issue never happens again. That’s why solution for eliminating duplicate data like DeDupit is one of the must have modules for SugarCRM.

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