3 Key reasons why Sugar is different from other CRM solutions!

Sugar today takes one of the most important place in CRM space. It is the largest open source CRM in the world. It became so popular from 2004 until now because we think it has provide something different, from all other platforms that were already on the market. Because of that we have to mention three main reasons, for us, that make Sugar different from other CRM solutions.


First one, while most CRM systems are focused solely on management tracking and reporting, Sugar puts the needs of the individual user first. Fusing the seamless simplicity, mobility, and social aspects of a consumer app with the sales optimisation of conventional CRM. Sugar delivers contextual intelligence about every individual contact, company, lead, case, and opportunity. From internal data and external sources via an advanced Intelligence Panel, as well as enhanced collaboration features, including context-sensitive activity streams all on a single page.


Second, Sugar gives customers complete flexibility in how they deploy the system. It offers a multi-tenant cloud service, a private instance in the cloud, and also allow customers to deploy on their own internal clouds. This allows customers to more easily comply with international data security and privacy laws. It lowers the costs of integration and makes it easier for our customers to create a unified view of their customer data across departments.


Third, Sugar is the most open, extendable platform in the industry. It is built on the most common open source, web technologies. Our customers most often start with out of the box capabilities for managing customers, tracking leads and opportunities, forecasting, and customer service tickets. They pretty fast realise flexibility of Sugar and deploy it widely across their organisation to support all business processes to help them manage the complete customer lifecycle.

These are things that are very important when you are looking the purchase CRM solutions for your business. Sugar is for companies that doesn’t want to change the way they work, they just want solution that fit to their business needs.

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