CRM for ecommerce business

Better understand your customers

Align your sales, marketing and support activities

Transparent task management across whole team

Integrate your ecommerce solution with back office operations

Data driven approach to running and scaling your business


CRM – helps your team gain competitive edge!

CRM for everyone

CRM solution in ecommerce business is one single command center that provides insight into all your daily operations. It helps your whole team stay on top customers, order fulfillment and support. Don’t let your customers down!

Manage your operations

You don’t have to do everything yourself! Define your business processes and educate your employees how to operate. CRM solution will make sure they are being followed and that everything get’s done on time.

Data for everyone

Identify upsell and cross sell opportunities, monitor trends and launch new initiatives just in time. By aggregating all data from your daily operations everyone can make data driven decisions. Sell more!

Sugar – Unified solution for different ecommerce platforms


Data driven ecommerce business

CRM for ecommerce helps you scale your business by unifying all operational data produced by your business operations. This helps you make data driven decisions that make highest impact on your business growth. Identify new business opportunities, monitor how your data changes and look for new trends among your customer base.

Keep your customers happy, CRM for ecommerce helps with that as well! Get your whole team on the same page in terms of what are open requests and issues that your customers have reported. Don’t let those slip down the pipe, setup automated followup processes that will keep everyone on the same page and provide service that your customer deserves.

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