Problems with choosing the right CRM solution.Why Eontek and SugarCRM?

In our experience people today have a big problem when they want to buy something because they don’t know how to choose and make right decisions. If you are in situation where you need to decide fast the problem is even bigger because you don’t have time to do research about products, which would definitely help in making good decision. There are hundreds of products on the market, all looking similar to each other. How to decide which one you are going to choose?!

When we talk about making decision like which CRM solution you will get for your business, we can all agree there is a huge responsibility and you have to choose carefully. Looking at things from the other side, it’s not really that complicated because no matter how many CRM providers are out there they are all different. You just have to chose which one is the best for your company and your business needs. Just like that!

One common mistakes that people always do is they choose a solution by measuring how popular it is or how many companies are already using it. This is wrong because every company is different and it has different problems and different needs. Your company is unique and you need a solution that is guided by your business needs.

Then when you find the right solutions you still need to search for best offer. There are different pricing models, will it be in the cloud or on-premise and user experience these days is very important since that will be driving user adoption in your company.

Eontek has chosen SugarCRM because SugarCRM is challenger in CRM space and we are  not afraid of challenges

Why SugarCRM ?

  • Sugar flexible platform
  • Multiple hosting options
  • Easy to integrate with and extend when needed
  • Multi language support

Why  Eontek ?

  • We prefer face time with customers
  • We try to listen and not re-invent the wheel
  • We invest in new Sugar solutions to better support our customers

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