Get started with your CRM in 2 weeks!

Many people know that today digital transformation in business is something that happens daily and will be happening more in the future. We all need to work fast and be prepared in every moment for new opportunities. All that requires different set of tools to help your business be sustainable and profitable.

Some of those tools can transform your business and give you new perspective on how you should be operating. The CRM solution is definitively one of them.

If you decide on implementing a CRM solution that also means understanding and creating CRM strategy. Implementing solution itself is not the only step.

Most common problems we are facing today when talking to people about CRM is getting the change initiative started and accepted. Changes in how things operate are always hard to accept. Even when we identify how much a CRM strategy and solution would help them, the fear of costing too much and taking overly long period of time to implement in most cases are first show stoppers. A lot of assumptions are being made since many people haven’t done research on CRM and what it means to a business.

That’s why Eontek as a company that has been engaged in CRM implementations for over 5 years decided to prove CRM implementations don’t have to be complicated and hard to understand. We have forged a process that can get you started with CRM solution in only two weeks!

With our CRM in two weeks process you are getting :

  • Proven implementation process
  • Cloud solution without hosting costs
  • Easy integration with global enterprise applications and data
  • Predictable pricing

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