CRM Implementations

Since 2011 we have been helping companies implement customer relationship management solutions. Our team of experts will work with you to plan and execute your CRM initiatives.

Software development

By combining inspirational design from our in-house designers and precise execution from our programmers we are capable of delivering complex web based software solutions.

Mobile development

Everything today is going mobile and so we are. We have embraced the ionics framework to be able to deliver stunning software solutions for mobile devices across different platforms.

They made right decision


Create documentsĀ on the fly!

We all need to generate documents based on our CRM data. With our Document Creator Sugar module you will be able to create templates directly inside your CRM and with a click of a button generate documents in various formats.

Stop doing copy-paste from your screen to Word or PDF document, we have much more elegant solution with an intuitive template builder interface.


Keep your CRM data clean

DeDupit is a SugarCRM module that runs configurable deduplication routines to keep SugarCRM data clean. The administrator can add any number of deduplication routines that will match data on any module or combination of fields. Any routine can be set to automatically merge the records or push them into a table to be reviewed at a later time.


Advanced Lead Scoring for CRM

Apply advanced scoring logic to your new and existing leads so you can identify those with high conversion chance.

Save time and sell more by focusing on the right leads!

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